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Stump Grinding


Once a tree has been removed, part of the tree may still be buried in ground away from sight. If the stump is not removed in time, it may be sitting there rotting and can easily become home for termites, ants and other pests.

It can also get in the way of any future paving, landscaping or construction plans.  A stump that is left behind may also be a cause of tripping and injury, children and adults alike.

The usual method of tree stump removal or stump grinding is to use a stump machine to grind a tree stump into very small chips and to then rake the area flat and neaten up.

We can usually get the whole tree stump out as our machine can go about 13 -20 inches deep, this will however depend on the access conditions available, but we will let you know how much of the stump we can remove. Whatever what you ask for it all means the same thing.

Tree stump removal goes by many names:

  • Tree stump removal
  • Tree stump grinding
  • Stump grubbing
  • Tree stump grubbing
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree root removal



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